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Based in Ans, Belgium

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1 July, 2016

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TheCorp feature the technological evolution of humanity from a distant past to a far future. After rendering every form of labour obsolete by automation, humanity grew bored and decided to experience the epic technology race of the past in a virtual game. Join as a corporation starter and try to climb your way to the top.  The player starts the game by exploring an unknown land, searching for any trace of civilization. Once the first primitive settlement is found, the player will have to supply it with food and luxury resources by building factories and work places. Managing resources and employees. Soon the primitive settlement will grow and become a city. Other needs will appear and force the player to keep expanding his corporation. Creating new goods and investing into research. The resource distribution in the game is scarce and will force the player to explore more of the world, finding other settlements and having to start trading with them as well. Managing badly the balance between cities may trigger hate and warfare. The player's corporation will be able to take opportunity of these events by providing the economic necessity of wining. Ultimately, research will improve labour and all work will be automated. Leaving the player with an ultimate decision: either re-creating a new layer of virtuality in the game, to allow citizen of the world to experience again the evolution of time. Either escaping the virtual world in a quest to search reality.


TheCorp is being developed by Pyralis Studio. Our first founder, Simon, started as a data miner and developer for the banking and the clean energy sector. He was also a starter, founder of a few companies. But in his spare time he was developing games since more than 15 years, dreaming he could make it his job in the future. Burçin, our second founder, was an interior architect, with a passion for design, 3D modelling. She was the perfect fit to create a game all about buildings! Along the year, some great people joined them to help create 2D art and music, but the work is still in progress so stay tuned to hear more about our adventure!


  • Manage a HUGE industry, with a deep production chain and human resource system
  • Help a civilization evolve from the antiquity to future eras by economic means
  • Find the truth about the world, dig deeper into the virtual dream or try to escape for a quest to find the reality
  • Interract with many independent cities and find customer and employees among their citizens
  • Hours of gameplay, never the same with fully randomized world
  • Fully moddable by almost anyone (in game editor planned)


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About Pyralis Studio

Pyralis Studios is an small independent video game studio consisting of 2 full-time and 3 part-time staff. We specialise in strategy economy games since 2014.

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TheCorp Credits

Simon Boigelot
Business & Developer

Burçin Uçak
3D Artist

Thomas Kestelin
2D Artist, Freelancer

Simon Fransquet
Music, Freelancer

Sam Silva
Music, Freelancer

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